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Doug Kreuger

Doug Kreuger

Monee, IL


Doug Kreuger, Landscape Artist

Member of Oil Painters of America

Doug was born in, Aberdeen, South Dakota, and grew up in Hazel Crest, Illinois. From early childhood, Doug demonstrated a strong interest in drawing, painting, and building things. Throughout his school years, Doug excelled in all his art classes, winning numerous awards and recognition for his artistic abilities. 

Upon graduating from high school, Doug became a student at The American Academy of Art, Chicago, where he studied commercial graphics, life drawing and watercolors. 

Doug’s first job as a professional artist was with Unigraf, a company that specialized in designing P.O.P (point-of-purchase) displays and display graphics. Doug left that company in 1982 to start his own graphic design agency, Design Dimensions, Inc. Now in its 33rd year, DD continues to provide highly creative artwork for commercial advertising under Doug’s creative direction.

Working as a professional graphic artist, designer and illustrator, Doug has become skilled at creating digital artworks using a computer. Doug is also knowledgeable about printing reproduction methods. Many of Doug’s designs, some of them award winning, appear on consumer product packaging, trade ads, company brochures and websites worldwide.

 Throughout his professional career, Doug has enjoyed oil painting as a hobby for his own personal pleasure. Favorite subjects have included landmark landscapes, flower gardens, animals and family portraits. Although Doug has formal training in the use both watercolors and oils, his preferred media is oil colors. Doug has honed his painting skills over the years while working on both smooth and textured surfaces. Although smooth hardboard panels allow for greater detail, Doug prefers the way his brushes and pallet knives interact with the nature of stretched canvas to produce more impressionistic results.

Doug’s painting style is perhaps best described as traditional representational. His deliberate approach to painting fine details allows him to capture the uniqueness found in each of his subjects. Doug’s personal knowledge and experience with architectural construction is evident in his keen sense of perspective and his applied drawing ability. As a long-standing member of the Door County Art League, Door County, WI, Doug has exhibited his artwork through a wide variety of art venues in the Door County area. Additionally, Doug has found success in selling his original paintings and reproduction art prints through a number of local art galleries, and world wide through his Fine Art America website.

Doug’s growing presence in the art community is earning him national recognition for his artistic ability. For those interested in collecting Doug’s artworks, now is the best time to make your purchases—before the value of Doug’s artwork escalates further.

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Bear Necessities IV by Doug Kreuger


American Bison by Doug Kreuger


Waco Texas by Doug Kreuger


Houston Texas Skyline by Doug Kreuger


Dallas Texas Skyline by Doug Kreuger


Austin Texas Skyline by Doug Kreuger


Grapevine Texas by Doug Kreuger


Galveston Texas by Doug Kreuger


Made-to-Order Waco Texas Wall Art by Doug Kreuger


Made-To-Order Houston Texas Skyline Wall art by Doug Kreuger


Lone Star Sky by Doug Kreuger


Made-to-order Dallas Texas Skyline Wall Art by Doug Kreuger


Rodeo Houston --Steer Wrestling by Doug Kreuger


Wall Street -- Bull and Bear Markets by Doug Kreuger


Wall Street Il by Doug Kreuger


White Lace and Promises Abandoned by Doug Kreuger


October Backroad by Doug Kreuger


Autumn Woodland by Doug Kreuger


Twilight Serenity II by Doug Kreuger


Autumn Serenity II by Doug Kreuger


Autumn Serenity by Doug Kreuger


Navy Pier Chicago --Autumn by Doug Kreuger


Navy Pier Chicago --Winter by Doug Kreuger


Navy Pier Winter Snow by Doug Kreuger


Spring Tidings by Doug Kreuger


Spring Tidings II by Doug Kreuger


Just Around The River Bend by Doug Kreuger


Chicago's Tallest by Doug Kreuger


Evening Flight by Doug Kreuger


Spring Serenity by Doug Kreuger


Blue Magic by Doug Kreuger


Green Magic by Doug Kreuger


Red Magic by Doug Kreuger


Yesterday Today by Doug Kreuger


White-Tail Fawn -Pen and Ink by Doug Kreuger


Mushrooms -Pencil Study by Doug Kreuger


Antique Car -Pencil Study by Doug Kreuger


V8 Tree Carving by Doug Kreuger


On Eagles Wings II by Doug Kreuger


Winter Olaf by Doug Kreuger


Olaf Wood Carving by Doug Kreuger


Primrose Path Il by Doug Kreuger


Primrose Path Ill by Doug Kreuger


Lucy by Doug Kreuger


Bernadette by Doug Kreuger


Skywalker by Doug Kreuger


CHIEF by Doug Kreuger


Bear - Bear by Doug Kreuger